Laura Graye

"Bridging The Ethereal World to The Material World"


About Laura

Laura Graye is a Medical Intuitive and Scientist researching in her practice in Watertown, MA.

Due in part to a rare genetic condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Laura is able to translocate between five bodies of consciousness (Physical Body, Vital Body, Mental Body, SupraMental Intellect, and Bliss Body) to access and heal on the subtle levels of consciousness.

Using her powerful intuitive capabilities, a comprehensive understanding of human psychology, a broad-based knowledge of the biology behind emotional experiences as well as a strong naturally-born sense of the quantum field, Laura supports the healing of her clients at the most profound level.

Her gentle heart and boundless energy guides clients through a transition from limiting beliefs and negative experiences to a healthier and more purposeful life. Laura believes integrating and consciously connecting our physical body to the blueprints of our vital body, the psychology of our mental body, our powerful intuition and our spiritual experience is the bedrock of healing.

Laura is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, she holds a Masters of Science from Tufts Veterinary School, a Certificate of Reiki Master, and is a candidate for a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Ph.D in Quantum Medicine.